Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Bout time I got around to this.

First post of the's what's new:

  • New Company. As of April 2005 I will be working for Lenovo, the largest PC company in China. They've bought IBM's PC Business and I was caught in the sale. I have mixed feelings about this. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  • Speaking of weight, I need to lose some like soooo many Americans. I'm up to 227 - 230, and while this isn't fat for a guy 6' 3", I'd rather be in the 215-220 range - so that's my goal. My wife's joined a gym and is going regularly, losing wieght, so I many give that a try. I hate to diet, so my only other option is burn more calaries.
  • Time to buy a new car. I can't afford what I want and don't want what I can afford. We're going to take a serious look at our budget and figure out how to afford the Acura I want. I'm almost 45 and I figure it's time to drive a car I really want and enjoy...within reason.
  • Lastly I've decided to improve my golf game. I'm not looking to make the tour, just shoot low 80's regularly. That means a 10 stroke improvement, on average, which means driving the ball in the fairway most of the time. I saw this new Medicus Driver advertised on the gold channel the other day and the technology just makes sense. I may spend $160 and get one to take to the range.

And that's about it, 12 days into the year I will turn 45. Hard to believe I ever got this old.