Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's going better than I thought

Part 2 of the sale is going better than I thought...not as good as psrt 1 but not totally sucking either. I still think, due to our very lame web infrastructure and our inability to show after rebate pricing, that rebates are fairly ineffective for us.

Oh! And one of our channel partners (Buy.com) is applying the rebate to a T60 that they've discounted a ton...so it's really cheap. This has the brand folk all bent outta shape and their first reaction was "PULL THE REBATES!" This would just make matters worse, since we've advertised the damn things and customers would be pissed if we pulled them early. There's a lot of debate that this is hurting our sale, but that's going to be tough to prove. I think what it demonstrates is the channel can put direct at a huge disadvantage anytime it wants to...and that someone needs to look at how we do business with them.


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