Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Possibly my favortie holidays. Due entirely to the notion that, overeatting today is not only acceptable, but epected...nah, a duty of every fat, dumb and happy American...of which I am proudly one.

Of course, Thanksgivings are not the same since my mother died of cancer four years ago. She was an amazing southern cook that always prepared more food than her invited guests, and one or two unexpected guests, could possibly consume. My mom's biggest concern, when serving a meal, was that one of the dishes would be completely consumed. In her mind, this meant that someone going back to the buffet for the third time had to do without their third helping of mashed potatos, or squash cassarole, or one of the other five side dishes...not including the salads, desserts and assorted finger foods (deviled eggs, stuffed olives, spinch dip)...that she prepared. No, Thanksgiving will never be the same for me. But in her honor, dining with my my family at my father's home, I will do my best to eat so much that the ride home is nearly uncomfortable.

And I will think of my mom and how special she always made the holidays.