Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Slow start today

I was up to late last night and too early this morning.

Late night at the cigar shop watching Monday night football. The Skins had an amazing 4Q comeback over Dallas. Brunell to Moss deep for both scores. Smoked a Fuente Canones for the first and probably last time. Big cigar, not overly pricey, but nothing special. There are many more I like better, but you never know until you try.

Judy's leaving for G'boro this afternoon. Then she and Donna will head down to Atlanta to visit Nicole @ Agnes Scott. She's looking forward to the trip. Guess I'll work @ home tomorrow of leave early so I'll be there when Christian get home from school. I'll probably have to miss the Savinelli event this Wednesday while Judy is away.

Lots of scout stuff coming up over the next couple of months. Christian has to get ready for Boy Scouts too. That's only five months away.


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