Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday niiiight and the living is eeeasy...

...although it was raining like a mutha when I drove home from work this evening. I left the office @ 6:00 tonight and apparently everyone esle working in RTP did too. Also, the rain seemed to cause a sense of confusion amoung my fellow commuters causing them to run into one least I suspect that's what happened since Davis Dr. was a parking lot heading toward Hwy 54.

I smoked a couple of decent cigars Wed. night. An old Henry Clay Obelisk and a Fuente Hemingway...not sure about the size. With spring coming on, regulating the RH in my humidors has been easier. Only 22 more days until our new company launches and we're still identifing new stuff that needs to be worked on. I'm looking forward to the new business. Might mean new career opportunities for me...we'll have to wait and see.


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