Sunday, September 12, 2004

Lost in transition

I have come to an astounding revelation now that I'm in my forties...I'm getting older.

In my twenties I still felt like I was a kid. And in my thirties, although I got married & had a son, I still didn't feel like I was aging...but something about 40 brought it on. My 40's haven't been bad though. I haven't lost anymore hair, since I didn't have anymore to lose. My weight hasn't been a problem either. I'm one of those people that can eat anything I want and so far *knocking wood*, it hasn't caught up with me...much to my father's surprise. What I have started to notice is the age of the people with which I work. They are all sooo young. When I reflect back on things I did in my life and they look back to the same period, it puts things into perspective.

I got my drivers license before some of them were born. I was flying Navy search and rescue missions while they were potty training. I was playing the field while they were playing Chutes & Ladders. I got married and they got their first kiss. Where did the time go and why didn't I spend it better?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not disappointed with my life. Could I be doing more, sure...couldn't we all? Have things turned out how I thought they would 30 years ago...not even close!

Fourteen years old, lying on the shag carpet of my parent's den, staring at Jacques Cousteau on the TV, I knew one day I'd be a world famous oceanographer...exploring the sea Jacq and his son. If not that, then I'd eventually take Jim Fowler's spot on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. At 14, those are the things a young boy in the 70's thought about doing with his life.

Now in the 00's(?), I've decided to Blog and I'm really not sure why. Will my blog ever become as popular as Wil Wheaton's.. not likely. But there's something cathartic about blogging your thoughts that private self reflect doesn't achieve. In my case, I feel an obligation to be more honest here, for some reason, that I can't really explain.


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