Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Ryder Cup does not runeth over

After watching the "best" US team in history get trounced by a bunch of no name Euros that played outstanding golf for three days…I retired to my front porch with the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado, a glass of Wild Turkey Russells Reserve on the rocks and a La Flor Dominica Reserva Especiale. churchill.

The cigar was one of the last sticks from the bundle I received when I went to the Las Vegas Big Smoke 2002. Glad I went, but it will likely be the one and only I ever attend. I had a good time, especially at the daytime events, but the evening event that I had high hopes for was disappointing.

  • It was a fucking mad house of guys running from table to table to get their cigars from the manufacturers there...
  • the food and drink lines were ridiculously long...
  • there was nowhere to sit...
  • and at every booth you were asked to register for give aways.

The problem was that each handled their own drawings, rather than CA making a big presentation out of it, so if you weren't standing at the booth when your name was drawn you were shit outta luck. To top it all off, one of the caterers of the event registered and won a big humidor...what the hell is up with that!?!?!

My wife has been making noises like she'd like to go back this year, but if I just keep quiet about it she'll forget until it's too late to get tickets. I'd rather just head back to Vegas and save the $495 ticket price for gambling.

Speaking of gambling, was the World Series of Poker great or what?! Another nobody wins the big prize again this year…not that the guy didn't know how to play. I just finished reading an article about Greg Raymer. He's a seasoned poker player and this was his third try at the WSOP. Still, makes me think with a few dozen internet tournaments between now and next year (plus the $10K entry) I might give it a try in 2005...yeah right.


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